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What is BIOS Chip?
BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input and Output System. This program is stored in a Read-Only Memory Chip on the motherboard. Upon computer power-up, the BIOS is launched to perform various start-up functions.

  • Power-On Self Test (POST) - to test and initialize the hardware
  • Loads the operating system
  • Manage Setup for enhancing computer behavior
  • Helps operating systems and application programs to manage PC hardware via BIOS Run-Time Service routines

Why should I need to purchase a new BIOS Chip
You will need a new BIOS Chip for the following purposes:

  • As a replacement Chip for a defective BIOS Chip
  • As a BIOS upgrade Chip for advanced features such as support for newer CPU, larger hard drive, more devices and fix for known bugs
  • As a backup Chip in case the current BIOS Chip is corrupt

Did you programmed each Chip with the latest BIOS version?
Each Chip is programmed and verified with the latest BIOS file which released from the motherboard manufacturer. If you prefer other version, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Can you supply an SOIC-8 BIOS Chip?
We carry PLCC-32, PDIP-8, SOIC-8, TSOP-40 and TSOP-48 Chip.

I have a Motherboard which with an SOIC-8 soldered Chip, can you help?
Yes we can help, firstly you've to accept our condition of use/policy. For more information, click [here]

How can I find the Notebook BIOS Chip?
Normally you will find the Chip in the corner!
If you can take some pictures and send by email to us we'll help you to clarify the Chip location.

With the picture (see below), may help you to find the Chip. Usually the SOIC-8 Chip do have a small circle in red, green, yellow or blue colour.


How can I find the HP desktop product name/number/model?
The model name may be found on a nameplate on the front of the computer or on a sticker adhered to the top or side panel. For example, click [here]

How can I find the HP notebook product name/number/model?
The model number and the product number that identify the components in the computer, are printed on a Service Tag. The Service Tag is affixed either to the bottom of the notebook or is under the battery. For example, click [here]

How can I find the Fujitsu-Siemens serial number?
Here you can find the serial number, click [here]

How can I find the revision or version?
The revision or version are print on the PCB or you'll find them on the sticker.

How can I find the BIOS Chip code?
If you want to know, which BIOS Chip code you have! Firstly you need to remove all the BIOS Chip stickers and find the Chip code.
For example see picture 1 & 2

Can I find the extractor tool in your shop?
Yes, we do the combination tool in stock for immediate request (purchase) which can save the shipping costs.
For PLCC BIOS Chip: Click [here]
For PDIP BIOS Chip: Click [here]

How to remove the PLCC old Chip in socket?
With the extractor tool, will help you to remove the old Chip.


My Motherboard have Dual BIOS, which one I need to change?
You have Main Bios (M_Bios) and Backup Bios (B_Bios). Please replace the Backup Bios.

How can I do change the onboard SPI BIOS ROM?
Some of DFI, ECS, EVGA, Intel, SuperMicro and Tyan boards have embedded a SPI Socket for equipping SPI BIOS ROM. Hence, it can easy to swap BIOS Chip easily. To achieve it, please refer to following captures for details.

1. Finding out the SPI Socket.
2. Opening the SPI Socket upper cover.

3. Opening the SPI Socket second cover.
4. After opening the covers, you will find a SPI BIOS ROM inside.

5. Please remove the SPI BIOS Chip by a clip.
6. Here is printed a short white line to indicate 'pin.1' for Chip chassis.

7. To install a new SPI BIOS Chip by a clip, please be attention on 'pin1' location.
8. Recovering SPI Socket, close second cover first.

9. After, please close  upper cover.
10. Actions are completed.

What shall I do after replaced BIOS Chip or How to clear the hardware CMOS & Reset password.

Why? You will need to clear the CMOS anytime you FLASH upgrade the BIOS or when you forget your password to enter the BIOS for making settings.

How? When clearing the CMOS, it's NOT done by pulling the lithium battery or DALLAS Chip off of the motherboard for a short period of time.  Instead, there is a jumper on the motherboard that clears the CMOS. The jumper varies for all motherboards, so you will need to see which jumper applies to your motherboard. (Please refer to your motherboard manual for jumper location.)

Here we go...step by step.

  • Turn the power off
  • When removing the BIOS Chip, remember the location and direction of the notch at the edge of the Chip (see picture below). The new BIOS Chip has to be placed in the same position.
  • If you have 2 pins, short the two pins with a jumper for 10 seconds or so then pull the jumper and return it back to the default position.
  • If you have 3 pins, then change the CCMOS jumper from position 1-2 to 2-3, wait for 10 seconds, and place it back at 1-2.
  • Turn the power back on and you should get an error message indicated by 2 beeps to run the setup for CMOS.
  • You will need to make the BIOS settings at this point and you're done!

Please be very carfull.

Why I ge the information after BIOS Chip replacement or retrun from RMA: System Board OOA Product Information Not Valid
All you need is basis DOS Skills and a bootable USB(all found on google) and the DMIFIT tool and HPBQ138.EXE(also google) from there you just have to boot to USB type HPBQ138 and fill in the correct info.
Click here to download the toolkit

Why NUM LOCK not functioning after BIOS chip/MB replacement for the undermentioned ACER part numbers?
Aspire5220, Aspire5320, Aspire5520, Aspire5720, Aspire7520, Aspire7720

  1. Download the WinKBSell file to the Windows desktop
  2. Right click the WinKBSel1003 file and selecct "run as administrator"
  3. Select the option "EX"for 17" systems, then click the OK icon
    For 15.4" systems, select the option per the below table, then click the OK icon
KB language KB type
Arabic US
Belgium UK
Brazilian-Portuguese UK
Canadian-French UK
Chinese US
Czech UK
Danish UK
French UK
German UK
Greek US
Hungarian UK
Hungarian UK
Hebrew US
Italian UK
Norwegian UK
Portuguese UK
Russian US
Spanish UK
Sweden UK
Swiss/G UK
Thai US
Thailand US
Turkish UK
US-International US
US-International-w/-Hebrew UK
US-w/-Canadian-French UK
Japanese JA

What is Setup?
The BIOS Setup is a program essential to optimizing and configuring the hardware and behavior of the computer. Setup programs vary from one computer to another. Check your motherboard manual for BIOS Setup options and settings. In general the BIOS Setup program is needed when:

  • installing or changing hardware on your system
  • changing the behavior of your computer (changing date & time, enabling or disabling special features, etc.)
  • improving the behavior of your computer (changing performance speed, adjusting shadowing or caching)

What is CMOS?
CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor in which your PC hardware configuration is stored. Information is permanently saved in 64 bytes of CMOS RAM and is maintained by a battery (so that nothing is lost after the PC is turned off). The CMOS maintains a PC´s internal clock, controls how fast your computer reads from memory, whether or not your CPU's cache is enabled or disabled, how fast your PCI bus communicates with its adaptor cards, and much more. These CMOS settings can be adjusted in the BIOS Setup. At times, the CMOS needs to be cleared - especially if you need to flash upgrade a BIOS or when you lose your password to the BIOS Setup program. See above message for more information on how to clear a CMOS.

What is POST?
POST is short for Power-On Self Test. It consists of a series of diagnostic routines that automatically runs at start-up and tests / initializes the devices on the system. The POST tests the RAM, keyboard, and disk drives. If for some reason the tests are unsuccessful, the computer would emit a series of beeps with an error message and code. Please refer to your motherboard manual on how to interpret Beep Codes.

Why do I get a "CMOS checksum invalid" error message during POST?
If you get the above error message or "Invalid configuration, run Setup" message, the it is an indication that the CMOS battery needs to be changed. You can find the battery in our [shop]

When will my item be posted?
Items are normally shipped the same day or next day morning.

How do I pay for my item?
We do accept paypal and for EU customers can also pay by bank transfer with IBAN/BIC number. From the EU rules, this is free of charge for end customer. We do not accept foreign checks or Postal orders we simply cannot cash them.

What is my tracking number?
If you have paid for International Registered Airmail(signed) which needs your signature upon receiving, no online tracking service is provided, you will have a tracking number and the items will be insured to most destinations.
However standard shipping is not insured to destinations and not tracking number will be provided.

What is your postal address for shipping my board or Chip to you?
Here is the link to find our contact details: Click [here]


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